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  • Temperature range: 30°C to 200°C
  • Absolute Stability: ±0.003°C (direct in water, 50°C), ±0.020°C (direct in VH Oil, 200°C)
  • Uniformity: 0.005°C - between corners at 100°C depth
  • Heating time: 50°C to 200°C < 145 minutes (VH Oil)
  • Communications: Includes serial interface, PC Cable and Software.
  • Dimensions: Width 240mm, Depth 378mm, Height 645mm overall.
  • Weight: 17kgs
  • Safety: Compliant to CE Regulations
  • Power: 1kW 108-130 or 208-240Vac 50/60Hz

If you have a large number of sensors to calibrate then this economically priced stirred liquid bath is the solution.

The 820 bath has been introduced to provide a liquid calibration bath with a large volume. This is to allow the bath to be used with many temperature probes simultaneously immersed in the bath or with accessories. It may also be used to maintain standard resistors at a constant temperature.

The liquid in the bath is heated to the set temperature and circulated by a propeller system.

The Aquarium is of robust construction and the liquid is contained in a stainless steel insulated enclosure which has a calibration volume 185mm long x 140mm wide x 300mm deep.

Refer to ‘Liquid Selection Guide’ on page 73 for information on liquids and important Health and Safety Information.

Buy: Isotech 820 - large volume liquid bath, price: ---- euro
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