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SDT270: The power of ultrasound for maintenance professionals.

The ultrasonic leak detector SDT270 features multiple significant innovations dedicated to leak detection (compressed air, vacuum, steam,...) and to the improvement of predictive maintenance programmes. Manufactured by and for maintenance professionals, the SDT270’s innovation show our commitment to the production of intelligent and progressive instruments. Not only is the SDT270 the first portable ultrasound detection device to include both a built-in temperature sensor and a laser tachometer, but it’s also the first one to feature an onboard SQL database to capture and manage survey data


Datasheet (PDF)


Ultrasonic leak detection

Pay for the air you use, not for leaks!

Compressed air is the most used energy fluid in industry but also the most expensive. Based on 5 years' consumption at a rate of 6,000 production hours a year, it is generally accepted that compressed air production costs are divided into 75 % for the provision of energy, 13 % investment and 12% maintenance costs.

 Leak detection

Leaks may represent 30 - 40 % of the amount consumed.

You must realize that leaks may occur anywhere in the network. A real proactive program to seek out this type of waste is more than vital to reduce the loss to a reasonable amount of 5 % of the amount consumed.

Leaks emit ultrasounds.

The SDT detector indicates you where they are coming from and consequently the very precise location of each leak. Your SDT detector may be fitted with a screen with a digital display for measuring the leak. More precisely, the digital display is vital for quantifying leaks in view of an economic approach following your strategy for finding leaks.

 SDT270 main features:

  • Measures broadband ultrasound signals with a 100kHz bandwidth
  • Realizes data acquisition with a 250kHz sampling frequency
  • Uses long-duration time sampling and data streaming
  • Integrates built-in thermometer and tachometer with a laser
  • Includes a SQL database.
  • Includes an operator logging in.
  • Insures full measurement traceability from operator to sensor.
  • Warns the operator when an alarm is triggered
  • Is IP (Internet) addressable
  • Is remotely controlled and operated
  • Incorporate 2 measurement channels.

No matter what your application is … WE HEAR MORE.

Accurate and comparable wave files.

The SDT270 is the first ultrasound detection device to use “high fidelity” ultrasound recording to allow inspectors to maintain a database of accurate sound files. Each time signal is sampled 250.000 times per second and stored into the SDT270’s substantial internal memory. The results are clear and easy to compare signals, allowing the establishment of a reliable and precise diagnosis.

Two channel inputs.

The availability of 2 channel inputs allows you to connect several sensors simultaneously and to carry out consecutive measurements. Without having to change or reconnect sensors, static data (ultrasound data in dBµV, temperatures, rotations per minute and accelerations) as well as dynamic data (time signals recorded into .wav files) can be stored sequentially. The SDT270 redefines the concept of intelligent instrument design to make even more efficient use of your time.

SDT sesnors panel 
built-in laser tachometer
laser pointer
built-in infrared temperature sensor
internal ultrasonic sensor
external sensor 1 (lemo-connector)
external sensor 2 (lemo-connector)


Your compressed air leak program is complete
with the SDT270 Leak Surveyor Kit.

Finding compressed air leaks in a high noise environment is best done with an ultrasound detector. The SDT270 Leak Surveyor Kit is configured to make the job safe, easy, and fun.

When selecting the accessories for this kit our focus was on safety and comfort first. The leak surveyor kit is equipped with sensors to ensure all leaks are found and tagged without compromising operator safety.

The SDT270 comes equipped with an internal airborne sensor, great for finding easy to reach leaks common to most compressed air systems. This default sensor powers up automatically when the instrument is switched on.

Internal ultrasound sensor

Internal SDT270 sensorThe use of the Internal US Sensor is recommended only when a direct and easy access to the equipment to be controlled is possible. For this configuration, its sensitivity is sufficient.

The use of the precision rubber, when mounted on the ultrasound sensor, reduces the effect of competing ultrasound sources.



 Flexible sensor

SDT flexible sensorThe sensitivity of the flexible sensor is similar to the sensitivity of the internal ultrasonic sensor. Consequently, its use is also recommended when elements to be controlled are directly accessible. On the other hand, its ergonomics makes easy to check elements difficult to reach or control high densities of pneumatic equipment. The flexible sensor is then the most powerful sensor when facing these kinds of configuration.

Consequently, the flexible sensor should be used in complement of the extended distance sensor to pinpoint the leak spot.


Extended distance horn

SDT extended distance sensor EDSThe extended distance horn is remarkable for its sensitivity: it is 20 times more sensitive than both the internal ultrasonic sensor and the flexible sensor. 20 more times represent a gain of 26 dBµV. Consequently, the extended distance horn should be used in priority and especially when leaks are going to be quite small (i.e. vacuum leak) or if you might be up to 5 meters away from the leak.

However its use could be delicate for the zones with a difficult access. In the same way, the precise localization of the defective element could be arduous when controlling high density of pneumatic equipment.

Parabolic sensor

SDT parabolic dishWhen the zones to be controlled are more than 5 meters away, the parabola is the best suited sensor. To the contrary, its use is not recommended for short distance detection.

Its sensitivity is better than the extended distance horn for long range, but especially its laser makes it possible to remotely locate the defective element precisely.




SDT270 Ultrasonic leak detection kits

SDT270 Leak Surveyor Kits combine building blocks that aid ultrasound inspectors with compressed air leak management programs. These kits provide safety and ergonomics while enhancing detection in difficult areas

Basic kit

The SDT Leak Surveyor Basic enhances leak detection by including sensors that extend the versatility of the SDT270SB (Static/Basic). This kit is designed for speedy surveys that are mindful of your safety and comfort. Included in the kit:

  • SDT270SB (Static measurements)
  • Flexible sensor
  • Extended distance horn.

SDT 270 leak detection kit

Pro kit

The SDT Leak Surveyor Pro features the SDT270SD (Static/Datadump) receiver with built-in internal airborne ultrasound sensor. The 270SD has a 100 node memory and transfers stored measurements as XML report. In addition to the Leak Surveyor Basic is included the parabolic sensor with laser pointer. Use this sensor for inspecting leaks in ceiling pipes where pinpoint laser accuracy is required. Included in the kit:

  • SDT270SD (Static measurements + Datadump software)
  • Flexible sensor
  • Extended distance horn
  • Parabolic sensor with laser pointer.

Intermediate version

Intermediate version or useful option before Leak Detection Pro Kit: the SDT270SS (Static/ Storage). The 270SS platform features a generic onboard memory for storing data captured with any ultrasonic sensor. The structure of the memory is a 100 node fixed tree named node 1 through node 100. Data can be viewed on the LCD of the SDT270SS.

SDT270’s upgradeable platforms.

The SDT270’s platform offers many upgrade possibilities. The upgrade is done by remote control, giving you access to new or more advanced functionalities. There’s a choice between six basic configurations to which you can add multiple sensors to create a detector/collector matching your needs. Add the UAS suite software to it and you’ll obtain a synergistic partnership between your SDT270, your maintenance team and your computer.

The “building blocks” concept: for more flexibility.*

 SDT 270 configurations

The SDT270 honours our reputation for intelligent design and solution providing. SDT’s “building blocks” concept combines different types of sensors with the Ultranalysis® Suite to build a multi-functional maintenance set. Once combined, those two elements square the circle of maintaining simplicity for those who need it, while providing sophistication for those who want it, for any kind of budget. SDT also offers a wide range of training courses that guarantees a quick return on investment.


 SDT270 Leak detectorSDT270 Leak detectorSDT270 Leak detectorUAS software

 UAS – Ultranalysis® Suite.*

UAS manages the collection, processing, and analysis of the data measured by the SDT270. It’s a library in which you can store and organise collected data in order to make it easy to find. UAS can process static data (dBµV, °C/F, RPM, SCFM) as well as dynamic data (ultrasound signals for time and spectrum analysis). The UAS tree structure allows any size of database and gives the possibility to divide it into multiple survey rounds for easier management. Furthermore, synchronised databases in both your SDT270 and your computer allow on-the-fly creation of survey points.

ATEX certified version

ATEX logoThe SDT270 now meets the requirements set by ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (II 1 G Ex ia IIC T3/T2 Ga) for use in the most dangerous and potentially explosive atmospheres in the world. For the first time ever ultrasound inspectors working in intrinsically safe rated zones now have access to the unique and advanced features of the SDT270.

It offers new possibilities for petro chemical plants, offshore drilling rigs, and refineries, not to mention the many other areas where ultrasound could not be used.

While it took more than a full year to complete the certification, the official rating for the SDT270 and accessories (headphones, RS1 contact probes and flexible sensor) is one of the highest attainable.

Technical data

Measurement unit

Function multifunction detector
Display graphic LCD with backlighting (128 x 64 pixels)
Keyboard 12 function keys
Built-in sensors
  • ultrasonic sensor
  • infrared temperature sensor (according to the version)
  • tachometer (according to the version)
External sensors through specific connector (Lemo 7 pin connector)
Data Logger

for SDT270 SS and SD and DD with DataDump application:

  • 100 Measurement Nodes (measurement points)
  • Total 4000 Measurements (measurements data)


all other SDT270 versions used in combination with Ultranalysis Suite :

  • 10000+ measurement nodes with static data
  • Dynamic measurements: 13 minutes, for example 260 recordings of 3 seconds


Communication USB interface
Software for transferring data from the device to the PC
  • DataDump Application (versions SD & DD)
  • Ultranalysis Suite (versions SU & DU)
Battery pack (*) rechargeable battery type: 8 cell, 4.8 V, 4600 mAh, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)
nominal capacity: 4.6 Ah
Life span 500 to 1,000 charge/discharge cycles
Autonomy 8 hours without backlighting
Recharge time 6 to 7 hours
Protections short-circuit, reverse polarity and temperature protected
Auto power down auto power down after preset time
Operating temp. -15 °C to +60 °C / 14 °F to 140 °F non condensing
Housing extruded aluminium
Weight 830 g / 29.3 oz. (with battery and holster included)
Dimensions 226 x 90 x 40 mm / 8.90 x 3.54 x 1.57inches (L x W x H)
Holster fluor silicone resistant to hydrocarbons

(*) for optimum performance, this battery pack is equipped with an electronic management system (includes digital serial number, capacity and temperature management).

Internal ultrasonic sensor

Function & type open type ultrasonic sensor
Bandwidth ± 2 kHz at -6 dB
Central frequency 40 kHz ± 1 kHz
Sensitivity -65 dB/V/µbar at 40 kHz
Total beam angle 55° typical at -6 dB

Battery charger

Charger type specific for SDT270NiMH battery pack
Power supply 230 or 110 VAC +15% / -10% - 50/60 Hz
Output voltage +4.0 or 8.5 V DC (depends on operating mode)
Current 1000 mA maximum
Recharge time 5 to 6 hours typical in fast mode / 12 to 14 hours typical in slow mode
Protection temperature protected, limit set at 60°C / 140 °F
Status indicator green/red LED with blink codes
Isolation double isolation
Weight 300 grams / 10.6 ounces
Housing PPE

Sensors and accessories



Flexible sensor


ParaDish2 parabolic ultrasonic sensor


Air mass flow sensor


 EDS2 Extended Distance cone

 Headphones for ultrasound detector

 Loudspeaker for ultrasonic detector

 Updating & upgrading SDT270 ultrasonic leak detector


Updating is downloading the latest firmware version into your SDT270.The build number will be changed.

Regularly and for different reasons, the firmware version from the SDT270 can be updated; for the implementation of a new sensor in the SDT product line, for the addition of a language or for a technical improvement in the core software. This makes your SDT270 the only ultrasonic multifunctional detector in the world that’s always UP TO DATE.

Updating the firmware can be done easily over the internet by every owner of an SDT270. Feel free to contact us for easy updating your SDT270 detector.

After the warranty period of two years, this functionality is reserved to our customers who have a valid SoundCare Support Program.


Upgrading is changing the level of your SDT270 detector to a higher level. Any version of the SDT270 detector can be upgraded to any higher version and gaining all its possibilities.

Please have a look at the SDT270 versions for a quick comparison of all versions.

Upgrading the internal software can be done very easily over the internet via an Upgrade Key file. Please contact us for more information on how to upgrade your SDT270 detector. 


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