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  • brilliant light output up to 3800 Lux
  • internal and external triggering
  • flash frequency up to 2000 Hz / 99999 min-1
  • numerous functions
  • pocket-sized and handy
  • accumulator and battery operation
  • rugged industrial grade
  • maintenance-free


The HELIO-STROB micro2 comes with the latest LED generation. Concentrated brightness – pocket-sized. The interface for external trigger expands the range of application by “automatic synchronisation“ – even with instable clock pulse and revolution speed. The legendary handiness remains the same, given the fact that simply by using intelligent electronics, LED and reflector technology the light intensity has been multiplied. HELIO-STROB micro2: For the first time ever, the light efficiency of a LED stroboscope gets comparable to the one of conventional flash tubes!
  • phase shifting up to 360° for variably changing the focus
  • alternative selection of the RPM or flash frequency
  • frequency selection by fast search mode
  • frequency divider and multiplier
  • memory for 4 flash frequencies
  • adjustable flash duration for pin sharp images and uniform illumination

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