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  • EExd fl ameproof certifi ed — IECEx, ATEX, CCSAUS and TC TR Ex
  • Complete hazardous area installation
  • Single or dual-channel measurements
  • Moisture content, dew point and temperature
  • 0.001 ppmW to saturation range capacity
  • Preprogrammed and user-entered saturation concentration values
  • Remote global access options

The Liquidew EExd offers complete trace moisture measurement, applying a robust sensor technology to provide direct, accurate, on-line measurements for moisture dissolved in process liquids. Purpose designed explosion proof analyzer provides single or dual-channel measurements, convenient display interface and easy installation for new projects and retrofi ts to existing plants.

Technical Specification

Main Unit
Measurement Parameters
Channel Configuration Single and dual channel
Moisture Content ppmw
Temperature °C and °F
Water Dew Point °C and °F
Sample Flow Rate Status indication: Low-Good-High (<0.1 to >0.3 l/min)
Sensor Technology
Moisture Sensor Technology Michell Ceramic Moisture Sensor
Calibration Range -100 to +20°Cdp
Measurement Range -120 to +30°Cdp (0.001 ppmw to saturation)
Accuracy Dew point: ±1°C between -59.9 & +20°Cdp
Moisture content: ±10% of reading
Dew point: ±2°C between -60 & -100°Cdp
Moisture content: ±20% of reading
Analysis temperature: Accuracy ±0.2°C
Resolution 0.1°C between +20 and -80°Cdp
1°C between -80 and -100°Cdp
Temperature coefficient Algorithm compensation
Operating Pressure Max. 50 barg
Sample Flow Up to 1 l/min (0.1 - 0.2 l/min recommended)
Keypad/Interface Capacitive touch-screen through glass
Display Vacuum fluorescent
Datalogging A rolling maximum of 150 data logs is available
Each log records time, date, moisture and temperature values for each channel
5 minutes minimum and 60 minutes maximum logging intervals can be set by the user
Communications and Output Two non-isolated 4-20 mA per measurement channel
500 Ω maximum load
Range and parameter settable by user
Modbus RTU @ 9600 baud-rate
Alarms: two volt free contacts per channel; one process value and one instrument status
Also available via Modbus communications
Type Flameproof EExd
Construction Cast copper-free aluminium (IP66/NEMA 4)
Finish Chromate primer, Polyester P9010 powder coated (black). Meets BS3900
Sample Connections 1/4" NPT (female)
Weight 22.5kg
Operating Supply Voltage 90 to 260 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 180 W Main Unit
Operating Environment -20 to +60°C up to 95% RH
Indoor or Outdoor, shaded location
Hazardous Area Certification ATEX Certification: II 2 G Code: EEx d IIB + H2 T4 (135°C) IP66 Tamb -40 to +60°C
CCSAUS approved: Div 1, Class 1, Group B,C,D
Pattern Approval GOST-R, GOST-K
Remote Interface
Optional for indoor safe area installation
Host Capacity Up to 31 Michell EExd Process Area Installation Instrumentation Range analysers in any combination of models via Modbus
Display Backlit color 15cm LCD
User Interface Integral mouse, on-screen keyboard
Function View and modify analyser operating settings
Record parameters to file and view virtual chart recorder analyser diagnostics
Ports LAN, USB2, Modbus Re-transmission
Data Download CSV (comma separated variable) format for easy import to ExcelTM
Remote Access OPC (OLE for Process Control) over a LAN Embedded web page/unique IP address for PC access
Remote data reading via Modbus RTU
Power Supply 100-280V, 50/60Hz
Plant control integration ActiveX components to be used by software programmers for integration of Modbus protocol into a general plant software system

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