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  • Seawater resistant, Corrosion protected
  • Highly precise and reliable bidirectional flow measurement over a wide turndown ratio
  • Very cost efficient: - No pipe works, - No process shut-downs, - Virtually no maintenance
  • Matched, paired and wet flow calibrated (PTB traceable)
  • Highly zero point stable and drift free and
  • Independent of pipe size, material, line pressure and the medium
  • Independent of entrained solids and gases
  • Free of wear, tear and abrasion
  • Not prone to clogging or corrosion

FLUXUS F705 Stainless Steel housed flow meter - withstanding the harshest environments including Offshore The FLUXUS F705 offers all the benefits as our standard FLUXUS flow meters but in a corrosion resistant Stainless Steel 316L / 1.4404 housing, ideal for any application where the flow meter is exposed to high humidity, moisture and corrosive coastal environments as well as offshore. The FLUXUS F705 flow meter allows for an inherently precise bi-directional, highly dynamic flow measurement of volume and mass flow rates of virtually any liquid media - from crude oil to refined products as well as chemicals - and can be equipped with various outputs to be used for a sophisticated process control. The FLUXUS F705 liquid flow meter is also availbale as a gas flow meter, the FLUXUS G705! As the ultrasonic transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe wall, enclosed in the rugged stainless steel VARIOFIX mounting fixture, the system does not suffer from wear, tear or clogging and can‘t be a risk for leaks. And with the same matched and paired transducers as well as the internal temperature compensation (compliant to ANSI/ASME regulations), the measurement system is drift free and zero stable ensuring accurate readings. Moreover, as the transducers calibration data is automatically loaded by connecting the transducer to the transmitter, set-up times are significantly reduced. Leveraging its exceptional dual-μP technology, the high number of measuring cycles per second and the adaptive signal processing, the FLUXUS F705 flow meter produces stable and reliable measuring results under extreme environmental conditions.


Chemical industry
  • Measurement of nearly any liquid
    • corrosive or toxic media (acids, bases)
    • non-conductive media
    • highly viscous media
    • media containing fibers or solid particles, long-chained polymers and much more
  • Measurement of high temperature liquids, such as heat transfer media (water/glycol at 250°C) and thermal oils (up to 400°C) or molten salts (up to 600 °C)
Petrochemical industry
  • Measurement of basic materials as well as intermediate and final products
  • Measuring at high temperatures, for example tar, bitumen, quench liquids
Power plants
  • Measurement of the cooling water, boiler feed water, condensate and heat circuits
  • Measurement of fuel lines
  • Measurement of reservoir water lines and large tubes for hydroelectric plants
Oil and Gas
  • Measurement of all hydrocarbon liquids, on high pressure systems and high temperatures (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream)
Facility management / Energy Metering - BTU
  • Monitoring and optimization of heating and air conditioning systems in large building complexes
  • Pump control
Pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry
    Measurement of ultra pure fluids, even in PVC, PFA and glass pipes
Food and beverage industry
  • Hygienic contact-free measurement of liquids
  • Thermal energy measurement in the energy supply of central boilers and sanitizing machines
Water and Wastewater industry
  • Flow measurement on large diameter pipes (influent, effluent, sludges)
  • Consumption and distribution measurements
  • Measurement on underground pipelines - IP68 transducers are buried in the ground
  • Chemical flows (small pipe and low flows)
Mechanical engineering and plant engineering
  • Leak detection on hydraulic systems
  • Measurement of cooling lubricant
  • Monitoring of heat and cooling circuits and of pumps

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