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    Flow rate (min./max.):
  • Air: 0.2 / 7.5 NL/min at +20C / 101,3 kPa
Variable area flow meter Model BA is a high quality acrylic flow meter. It is designed for monitoring of low air flow rates. It has a flow adjustment valve and rapid fittings for plastic hose. Typical applications are measuring gas flows for analyzers and air purging for enclosures and differential pressure measurements.

Technical data
Body     Acrylic (PMMA)
Valve housing Aluminium
Valve spindle AISI 316
Seals Nitrile (* Viton®, EPDM)
Plug Nylon
Float     AISI 316
Accuracy ± 10 % (F.S)
Max. pressure 10 bar
Max. temperature 75°C
Connections Compression fitting for o.d. 6mm / i.d. 4mm hose
Weight  60g
*) Special construction on request 

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