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  • Modbus protocol
  • Ultra low power (under 0.3 watts)
  • High speed processor
  • High accuracy A/D converters
  • Turbine diagnostics
  • Gas chromatography interface
  • Gases and liquids
  • Industry standard equations (ISO, API, AGA etc)
  • PID control ready
  • Master/Slave architecture
  • Boolean statements
  • Built in data battery back-up
  • Math functions
  • Radio and modem ready
  • Bi-directional features
  • Custody transfer accuracy

The next generation flow computer, only from Dynamic Flow Computers. The SFC500 DIN is designed to cover today's measurement and control requirements no matter what they may be.

Multi bi-directional run, DIN Rail mounted flow computer. It can be used for all liquid and gas applications, including custody or non-custody measurement. Unique data sharing for up to 4 flow computers on one loop in Master/Slave configuration.

PID, Math Functions, Boolean Statements and special archive features are standard. Minimum of 35 days of daily and hourly archives and 1 year of monthly archives.

Processor Motorola 68332 @ 3 volts
Built in math coprocessor emulation compiler
Memory8 MBit of RAM for operation historical archive & configuration & calibration 16 MBit of flash EPROMs for program.
Inputs/Outputs Four (4) digital outputs with thermal re-settable .25 amp fuse.
Four (4) digital inputs up to 30Vdc.
One (1) analog out (16 bit) optically isolated and loop powered.
Five (5) analog In (24 bit) or 3 analog In & one 4-wire RTD
Four (4) frequency inputs (square wave up to 10k HTZ)
Expansion Modules Analog output expansion: three (3) additional analog outputs.
Analog input expansion: five (5) additional inputs.
Prover expansion: ball and small volume prover controller.
Ethernet expansion: one (1) 100Mbs Ethernet port.
All the modules can be installed simultaneously.
Communications 3 - Modbus ports (1 - RS232 / 2 - RS485)
Protocols: Modbus, Enron Modbus and Pemex Modbus (Valvulas & Medicion)
1 - Printer port
Chromatograph Interface
Micro Motion Interface
Input Voltage6 - 30 VDC (0.3 watts)
Network Architecture Master/Slave up to 4 Micro MV's to share data @ 9600 BPS - All information from the 4 flow computers can be retrieved from the master flow computer in the network.
Historical Data Minimum of 35 days of daily and hourly. 1 year of monthly archives.
Reporting Square root averaging with daily, hourly, monthly and instantaneous user configurable reporting.
EnvironmentalReinforced polycarbonate fiber housing for DIN Rail mounting
Operating temperature (-40 to +185 °F) (-40 to 85 °C)
Algorithm User selectable API, AGA, ISO, NIST & NBS standards for liquid and gas. Orifice, Turbine, Micro Motion, Venturi, Annubar, Wedge, Vcone, Ultrasonic, P.D. etc. Calculated Up to 4 times per second.
DisplayOptional external 4 line 20 character display with keyboard module.
Software Free Dynacom software for configuration from any Laptop, PC or Modbus Driver. Includes user friendly one touch help screens for all entries. On line PID and current data for real time display
PIDFlow and back pressure control with automatic or manual mode

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