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  • Excludes signal deterioration caused by field wiring
  • Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Low power requirements
  • Highest accuracy – signal and stability
  • Liquid or gas measurement in full compliance with API, AGA and ISO standards
  • Serial link outputs for batching, reporting, proving, etc.
  • Ideal replacement for panel mount flow computers

The SFC 332N is a 32-bit bi-directional, dual meter run, custody flow computer used in liquid custody pipeline applications.

Fifty (50) previous days, batches, and hours of historical data are stored in full format-type reports, as well as 100 previous audit trail reports and alarms. Sixteen (16) different product files are user-configurable with easy switch feature, and product scheduling for batch operation is available.

Proving with automatic meter factor implementation is possible using uni-directional, bi-directional, reduced volume, Calibron ™ or Brooks™ type Provers. Automatic 4-way Valve / Piston Control is a standard proving feature. Repeatability is checked regularly by the flow computer.

Special real-time Turbine Diagnostic functions are available to detect bent or missing turbine blades, wobble, pulsation or flow cavitation. A turbine meter signature is generated at different flow rates, and then assessed for changes in fidelity continuously. A frequency or analog signal can be received from a Densitometer.

An optional Multivariable Module 205 Sensor may be integrally mounted to the SFC 332N to allow accurate determination of differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature.


32 Bit ProcessorSerial ModbusCrude Oil
12-30 VDC @ 4 WATTTCP / IP Encapsulated Modbus -
Optional Serial to Ethernet Converter is Used
Refined Products
NEMA 7, 4X Class1, Division 1 GSM / RadioSpecialized Products
Group B, C, D HousingSatelliteLPG
2 Lines, 16 CharactersProvingButadiene
Min Max ChartingTurbine Diagnostic
Minutes, Hours, or DaysBatchingINSTRUMENTATION
Product SchedulingTurbine / Frequency Meter
INTERFACINGWell Head Measurement
(3) Frequency ChannelsCustody MeasurementUNITS OF MEASUREMENT
(4) Analog InputsAllocation MeasurementMetric & US Customary
(2) Single-Ended Analog OutputsGas Process Plants
(2) RTD InputsPID Control
(4) Digital Inputs - I/O Expansion Terminal Strip is RequiredSmart Field I/O
(5) Digital Outputs - I/O Expansion Terminal Strip is Required
(1) RS485 PortAPI, ISO, AGA
(1) Printer Port
Rosemount Multivariable
* DP, Pressure, Temperature
* 0.075% Accuracy of Calibrated Range

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