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  • Easy to Set Up
  • Custody Compliant
  • Multifunctional
  • Single Screen Graphical Diagnostic
  • Alerts Against Operator Errors
  • Software Generated Chart Recordings
  • Micro Motion Interface
  • Interactive DYNACOM Configuration Software
  • All Software/Firmware Updates Available Online

The Micro MV is a 32-Bit, Dual Meter Run, Custody Flow Computer for Liquid, Industrial Gas, and Natural Gas Applications featuring: Three Frequency Channels, Four Analog Inputs, One Analog Output, Four Digital I/O’s, One RS-232 Port, Two RS-485 Ports, One Printer Output, and a Rosemount Multivariable Transmitter. An Input OR Output Expansion Module is also available.


-40 TO 185 Degrees F @ 100% HumidityAcetyleneAnnubar™
7-28 VDC @ 0.5 WATTBenzeneNozzle
Group B, C, D HousingBrine WaterOrifice Meter
NEMA 4x, Class 1, Division 1ButadienePerso Flow (Ellips®e Pitot)
Crude Oil / CondensateSmartCone®
GRAPHIC DISPLAYIndustrial Gases (Premium Billing)Turbine / Frequency Meter
Automatic Scrolling * AirVenturi
Backlit Display with 4 Infrared Reflective Sensors * AragonVerabar™
Min Max Charting * HydrogenWedge
Minutes, Hours, Days * Nitrogen
Plasma 4 Lines, 20 Characters * OxygenSTANDARDS
* ParahydrogenAGA3, AGA7
GSM RadioLiquid Products w/ no CompensationISO
SatelliteLPG / Ethane / Pentane / Hexane
Serial ModbusLube Oil
TCP/IP Encapsulated Modbus
(Optional Serial to Ethernet Converter is Used)
Natural Gases
Allocation MeasurementPropane / Propylene Mix
Custody MeasurementRefined Products
Gas Process PlantsSaturated Steam
Liquid TotalizingSpecialized Products
PID ControlSuperheated Steam
Plunger ControlWater
Premium Billing
Smart Field I/O
Well Head Measurement

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