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  • Gas and Liquid
  • Multilingual
  • Bi-directional
  • Configurable Modbus and HART
  • GERG-2008
  • API MPMS 4.8 dynamic proving
  • Up to 30 (thirty!) proving runs
  • Large amount of IO per module
  • Web-based user interface
  • Web services automation interface
  • High CPU speed and power
  • 0.002% AI accuracy at 20 ⁰C ambient
  • 0.008% AI accuracy 0 to 60 ⁰C ambient
  • Embedded communication analyzer

The Flow-X is the first flow computer to support GERG-2008, the most accurate and versatile equation of state for natural gas.

The Flow-X/M module is the single stream building block for all Spirit flow computer products and enclosures with each module provides more than sufficient communication ports and IO for any oil and gas meter run

Its configuration and operation is touch screen based where a single screen can be used to access multiple flow computers. Remote access is possible from any web client over a secure HTTPS connection.

The complimentary Flow-Xpress software allows for virtually unlimited customization of the comprehensive gas and liquid applications (available in metric and US customary units).

The Flow-X provides advanced control functions for additional system savings: embedded flow, flow/pressure, valve and sampling control functions eliminate the need for a PLC or a sampler controller.

The Flow-X integrates seamlessly with our measurement automation software eXLerate, creating a Power Package that enables smart metering solutions.

And there is Flow-Xplore, an out-of-the-box Human Machine Interface for metering stations with Flow-X flow computers.


To match the large variety of requirements for fl ow computer functionality in today’s international markets, Flow-X is supplied with a unique confi guration and test tool, Flow-Xpress™. Distinct levels of expertise for users are recognized, ranging from novice users to demanding expert level engineers, who create their own applications.

Using Flow-Xpress, a user can simply confi gure the fl ow computer by setting vital parameters, such as meter type and Modbus mapping. With Flow-Xpress Pro, an expert user is enabled to develop a dedicated application, utilizing the userfriendly and familiar spreadsheet oriented development environment.

Flow Computer Configuration

Calculations, displays, reports, alarms, Modbus or HART communication interfaces and much more can be freely defi ned from a rich library of functions and tools.

Template applications are fully user defi nable. Predefi ned confi gurations from a directory of templates can be used to easily match existing fl ow computer applications.

Ready-to-run application templates are available for both liquid and gas applications with MID approvals from the Dutch Metrology Institute NMi.

Testing and Debugging

A unique feature of Flow-Xpress is the application simulation and debugging tool. This allows transparent local and remote online and offl ine simulation of a Flow-X application on detailed level. Report and display layouts, including the local Flow-X/M LCD display, as well as the touchscreen interface can easily be simulated, tested & previewed.


Integration & Connectivity

Flow-X supports various communication protocols, such as: HTTP, Modbus Master & Slave, RTU & ASCII, Modbus/TCP Client & Server, HART Master, UNIFORM, ASCII and other protocols for maximum connectivity.

Easy integration is ensured, even with complex SCADA / HMI systems. The Flow-X series software has a natural fit with eXLerate® Metering Supervisory software.

Key Software Features

  • Configurable/programmable software platform, with unlimited ‘logic’ and calculations.
  • Storage of primary and calculated data in historical database for time-stamped data retrieval.
  • Unlimited number of user-defi nable period and batch totals, and fl ow and time weighted averages.
  • Configurable data packets for all drivers including HART, Modbus Master, Slave, Client and Server protocols.
  • Calibration curves with an unlimited number of calibration points.
  • Multi-lingual interface for touch screen devices with online language selections.
  • Embedded web-server allows for fully remote PC based operation.
  • Mix of imperial units and metric units, and gas and liquid, in any combination.
  • Secured local & remote upload and download of confi gurations and fi rmware over internet & intranet allows true remote support; yet tamper-proof under WELMEC 7.2 specifi cations.


Library of certified flow calculations for all models:
  • AGA3, AGA5, AGA8, AGA10. Compliant with AGA7, AGA9, AGA11.
  • API chapters 11.1, 11.2, 12.2, 21.1 and 21.2, API 2540, API 1952, 1980, 2004 tables (both metric and US versions)
  • ISO 5167 (all editions), ISO 6976 (all editions).
  • NX19, SGERG, GOST, PTZ, Costald, Peng-Robinson, GERG2004, GERG2008 calculations.
  • GPA 2172 / ASTM D3588, TP15, TP16, TP25, TP27.
  • IAPWS-IF97 steam and water tables.
  • NIST-1045 for Ethylene.
  • API Ethylene (API-2565).
  • ASTM D1550.
  • Batch and period recalculation (meter factor, BS&W, density, etc.)
  • Support for all meter types, such as coriolis, orifi ce, venturi, etc.
  • Supports all major Ultrasonic Flow Meters (e.g. SICK, Caldon, Daniel, Elster, GE, FMC, Krohne).
  • Supports all major gas chromatographs (e.g. ABB, Daniel, Siemens, Yamatake, Yokogawa, Elster).
  • Calibration curve up to unlimited number of points (linear and polynome).
  • Prover support : uni-directional, bi-directional (2 / 4 detector inputs), compact prover, master meter, dual chronometry, pulse interpolation.
  • Unlimited number of period and batch totals and fl ow and time weighted averages. Periods can be of any type.
  • Support for densitometers and specifi c gravity transducers (Solartron, Sarasota, UGC, Densitrak, Anton Paar).
  • PID control, valve control, prove control, batch control, sampler control.
  • Support for McCrometer V-Cone, Density of Moist Air, CUSUM transmitter drift detection.
  • Support for all common spreadsheet functions to obtain maximum fl exibility.


Flow-X/M modules can be delivered with various mounting assemblies to create a variety of form factors, each with specific features for maximum flexibility and many different system architectures. All options require an external 24VDC power supply with optional redundant connections.


  • Panel mounted fl ow computer for up to four streams (0-4)
  • 7” multi-lingual color touch screen
  • Serial (3x) and Ethernet interfaces (2x RJ45)
  • Standard 37-pole and 9-pole D-Sub type connectors
  • Horizontal or vertical position


  • Rack model for up to 8 streams
  • Mounting in 19” cabinets or directly against the wall
  • Stream modules can be used as 8-stream application, as separate streams, or combinations.
  • Ethernet interfaces (2x RJ45)
  • Standard 37-pole and 9-pole D-Sub type connectors
  • Each individual stream module is individually and independently powered (24DVC) and individually exchangeble


  • Single stream
  • Graphical LCD multi-lingual display with 4-8 lines
  • Ethernet interfaces (2x RJ45)
  • DIN Rail mounting or directly against the wall


  • 7” inch color touch screen based User Interface module
  • Ethernet interfaces (2xRJ45)
  • Mountable in a panel
  • Compatible with Flow-X/R and Flow-X/S

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