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  • Easy to Set Up
  • Custody Compliant
  • Multifunctional
  • Single Screen Graphical Diagnostic
  • Alerts Against Operator Errors
  • Software Generated Chart Recordings
  • Interactive DYNACOM Configuration Software
  • All Software/Firmware Updates Available Online

The E-Plus is a single meter run (up to three meter runs), custody flow computer for Liquid or Gas Application featuring: Three 4-20mA/1-5VDC Analog Inputs; One RTD Input (direct connection to the flow computer uses two of the analog input channels); One 4-20mA Analog Output; One Digital/Status Input; Two Digital/Switch Outputs; Two Frequency Inputs (frequency input uses one digital input or output channel); and One RS-232/RS-485 Communication Port (2nd port is available with a WDS Upgrade).


NEMA 7, 4X Class 1, Division 11 to 3 Meter RunsOrifice
Group B, C, D HousingLiquid / Gas MeteringTurbine
Two 3/4" NPT Conduit ConnectionsProductionUltrasonic
-40 to 85 Degrees C @ 95% HumidityTest SeparatorsCone
7-24 VDC @ 0.3 WATTWell InjectionCoriolis
GRAPHICAL DISPLAYPetrochemical & RefiningChoke
64 x 128 PixelsProcessWedge
8 Lines, 16 Characters EachLACT UnitsMagMeter
Automatic ScrollingVortex
Minutes, Hours, DaysPRODUCTSAccelabar™
Chart for Flow, Pressure, Temperature, & DPNatural GasAnnubar™
Superheated / Saturated SteamVerabar™
Standard Serial Modbus RTURefined ProductsSTANDARDS
TCP / IP Encapsulated ModbusLPGAGA3, AGA7, AGA8
Zigbee RadioPropyleneAPI 20.1, API 2565
Foundation FieldbusPropane / Propylene MixSteam NBS
Liquid CO25A / 6A, 6A
HISTORICAL REPORTS Butadiene23A / 24A, 24A
Circular ChartsWater5B / 6B, 6B
1536 Hours23B / 24B
64 Days6C, 24C
6 MonthsNew 23 / 24, New 24
100 AlarmVerabar
100 AuditTP 27
ASTM1550A / B

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