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  • AC / DC Voltage Sources
  • AC / DC Current Sources
  • Decade Boxes
  • High Value Resistance Standards (up to 1TOhm)
  • Multiproduct Calibrators
  • Multifunction Calibrators
  • Process Control Calibrators (Source Functions)
  • Thermocouple Sources


The 8000 series digital multimeter represent another breakthrough in measurement technology, leaping ahead of older multimeter design using the latest in components and multi processor digital design.

The heart of any precision instrument is its analogue design, and with the experience and knowledge gained by Transmille since 1997 with the design of multiproduct calibrators all of this knowledge has been implemented in the 8000 series.

By bringing together the latest technology in both analogue and digital design, Transmille have significantly reduced the parts count and complexity of precision multimeters, achieving unrivaled performance and functionality at a breakthrough price/performance ratio to meet the requirements of modern day laboratories.


The 8000 Series offers unmatched functionality with unique features such as High Current measurement up to 30A without the need for external current shunts.

The 8000 Series is unique in offering 4 interfaces ensuring connectivity with any existing system. USB, RS232 (Serial), GPIB (IEEE-488) and Ethernet (RJ45) are included as standard on all 8000 series multimeters.

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