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  • 25 ppm accuracy with model 9041
  • 50 ppm accuracy with model 9050
  • AC/DC current to 30 A
  • Calibrates over 18 types of instruments
  • Ideal for laboratory or field use
  • A wide range of options to suit budget and accuracy requirements
  • I-GUARD system prevents being switched on when voltage is detected on the terminals
  • RS232 / USB Interface
  • SINE / DC power simulation
  • Harmonic power simulation
  • Oscilloscope calibration
  • Includes UKAS Calibration Certificate

The Transmille 9000 Series calibration system is designed to perform a wide range of calibration work quickly, accurately & economically. Quality management protocols such as ISO9000 / ISO17025 require calibration traceable to national standards of a wide range of instrumentation. The 9000 Series calibration system provides the ideal platform to cover these requirements on site or in the laboratory. Every Transmille calibrator and adapter is supplied with UKAS calibration traceable to National Standards, and are ready for use out of the box.

The Transmille 9000 series incorporates the latest in precision technology. An ultra-linear VMOS power amplifier provides a ground breaking 30A capability with continuous output available up to 20A. DDS technology is used for generating stable, jitter free wideband AC waveforms while two stage cooling reduces thermal EMFs. The 900 series has fully featured multi product capabilities including 2/4 wire resistance, capacitance & multiple adapter support using adapter interface. The 9000 series also includes full output protection including the I-GUARD system which prevents output being switched on when voltage is detected on the terminals.

The 9000 Series is designed for use within industrial environments including off-shore, aerospace and military applications. The rugged enclosure with integrated castors and retractable handle lends itself to easy transportation to and from site. A fast warm-up time ensures calibration can be performed quickly and accurately.

The Transmille 9000 Series Multi-Product Calibrator can quickly and accurately calibrate the following instruments. Add-on external calibration adaptors may be required for some functions.

  • Digital multimeters
  • Power/clamp meters
  • Digital oscilloscopes
  • Temperature probes
  • Infrared thermometers
  • Harmonic/power analyzers
  • RCL meters
  • Power supplies
  • Process control calibrators
  • Insulation testers
  • High resistance meters
  • Electrometers
  • Current shunts
  • Data loggers
  • Pressure gauges
  • Chart recorders
  • High voltage probes
  • Frequency counters/timers
  • Expandable with add-on adaptors

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